We craft essential inspired ales for people that love DC.

Handsome Beer started in a kitchen at home where the two founders were sharing some homebrew and had the crazy thought, “You know, we could sell this…”

Of course, it’s not such a simple thing to up and start a brewery. We saved some money and did about as much ourselves as you can possibly do. No lawyers, no regulatory consultants, no recipe gurus, no branding firm. We strongly believe in a homemade approach, from beer development to label design.


There are hundreds of breweries opening across the country and we want to put out something special, so we take our time to make sure we’re serving up an excellent product. Our brewmaster and co-founder, Matt, has a PhD in microbiology and cell science – the primary disciplines necessary to understand the underlying processes of fermentation. We’re not just throwing together malt and hops, but rather, carefully selecting ingredients and using proper techniques to make great beer.


All of our beers are ingredient-focused. What that means is that we put a lot of effort into creating beers around one or two primary ingredients that really showcase their best characteristics. We’re less “We need an amber ale!” and more “How can we make an amazing beer with Galaxy?”


It feels like DC and the Mid-Atlantic are on the cusp of some incredible things and we’re looking to contribute to that. DC’s got delicious new restaurants with cuisines from around the world opening every day, new distilleries, coffee roasters, kick-ass sports teams, prolific artists and writers, a new Silicon Valley, more JD’s and MBA’s per capita than anywhere (probably), and much much more all happening right now. Is one small brewery going to change everything and put us over the top? Maybe not, but it’s a damn good place to start.


Matt has a PhD in microbiology and cell science and has been working in cancer research for the past five years at the National Institutes of Health. He’s been homebrewing, gaining brewing knowledge, and refining recipes for the past ten years. He lives in Hyattsville, Maryland with his wife and two sons.

Graham grew up in Northern Virginia, the son of a DC restaurant owner. He traveled out to California for school and other adventures before returning to DC and ended up working in restaurants for the past ten years as a Manager and Beer Director. He lives in Cleveland Park in Washington, DC.


People regularly talk about food and wine as being “beautiful.” We think the same way about beer, but “beautiful” doesn’t quite hit the mark.  Fine beers are structured, graceful, well-made, well-proportioned, and, not least of which, look bold and enticing.  If there is a single word to describe these exceptional ales, it can only be “Handsome.”

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