Beer cocktails you should know

since time immemorial people have been

asking me for beer cocktails so today

we’re going to cover the basics

of beer cocktails plus one twist of a

cocktail that i stumbled into while i

was developing this episode that has

blown my mind i’m in love with this


so there are a few beer cocktails that

are just like real staples of the genre

and maybe it’s different for you but for

me the first one i think of

just because it just looms large for me

the first one i think of is the


there are a couple of origin stories on

this one uh it is sort of like a gussied

up chalada which is a beer lime and salt

and some people suspect that’s exactly

what it is and where the name comes from

another more fun story is that it is

named for this guy michael esper

who used to order his beer with lime

salt and ice at club

uh called deportivo in san luis potosi

other members started ordering

mikkels lemonade and it gradually

shortens to michelada which one is true

it doesn’t matter let’s just make it

this by the way is also very similar to

a drink called red beer or red eye and i

actually made a version of that drink

the version that appears in the 1988

film cocktail

in a previous episode i’m gonna put up a

link to that one if you wanted to check

that out anyway

so get the glass you’re gonna build this

one in and take a lime wedge

make yourself a little limey wedgie a

little wedgie lime

there we go take a lime wedge and rub

that around

the lip of your glass in my case a big

old beer mug

because i like that and then we’re going

to rim this a lot of people rim this

with salt

or chili or salt and chili those are

both great options

or what i’m going to use which is tajin

which is a commercially available spice

mix i’m going to just cover my mixing

my mixing board i’m gonna just cover my

cutting board with some

tahin and then we’re gonna rim this

beer mug i’m gonna put some ice into my

mug i’m just gonna crack two cubes right

on in there

and some of that ice will make it into

the glass

and now i want to put in two ounces of

tomato juice

nothing finer than campbell’s original

tomato juice

not the sponsor of this episode but is

available in the pinned comment below

two ounces in we go uh there are recipes

for this by the way that call for like

making a make a lot of mix on the side

shaking that up

and then combining it with a beer in the

mug i honestly i just think that like

you’re overthinking it you should just

build this drink in the glass

uh we want to use an ounce of lime juice


uh we’re gonna eat some hot sauce in

there i probably prefer cholula but i’m

out at the moment and i did have some

tabasco so that’s what we’re gonna go

with one two three

four of those in there yeah just like

whatever you like a little


a dash or two of this this is pretty low

in the bottle actually

yep it got in there a little dash or two


there we go there we go just the

absolute dregs of my worcestershire

a little worse to sure put a little

tahini straight in there why not

no reason you can’t or chili or lime

uh tahini has salt in it um it’s like a

salt chili

lime combo works really well here um

give that a little stir

to just kind of incorporate things

uh then you’re gonna top that up with a

nice mexican lager tecate

is perfect just twist oh

let’s twist off jerk boom

and enjoy these are crazy delicious

i’m not actually a real big beer drinker

but i do find that most of the beer


these kinds of things are extremely up

my alley

much to my liking this is no exception

i love it i maybe went a little hot with

the um

a little heavy-handed with the uh with

the the the tabasco on this one but i

don’t mind

it’s just so fresh and bright which is

surprising because tomato sauce you know

tomato juice

isn’t what you think of it it’s usually

yeah i think it imagines it’s pretty

heavy actually

but when you dilute it into the beer the

hot sauce the lime tahin

the whole effect is one that is just


and actually you don’t lose the beer you

still get

plenty of that multi tecate flavor

absolutely and the effervescence as well

from the carbonation

but it’s just so much improved by having

hot sauce and lime and spice and tomato

i freaking love this that’s how i make a

michelada there’s probably a couple

different ways you could do that

that’s how i do it uh after that

michelada let’s get into the next drink

right after this

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  Beers You Should And Shouldn't Drink

aged for three months in bourbon bourbon


uh this red blend is bold and smoky with

vanilla cinnamon nutmeg and clove on the


and ripe fruits on the palate


yeah i do get that i do get the vanilla

and the cinnamon and the nutmeg yeah i’m

not picking up the smoke but i also

think that like smoky wine is probably

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all right let’s get back to the show so

this next one is a classic

absolute classic like so classic that

charles dickens wrote about it i am

talking about

chandigarh or shandy if you prefer for

short there is a surprising amount of

information on this drink and the topic

of it

in merriam-webster’s dictionary website

oddly and i know that that’s pretty new

for them because way back when i was in

sixth grade i quite literally spent my

lunch breaks at school

reading the dictionary end and because i

had lots of friends

no expansive articles on shandygath uh

traditionally as in the form that

charles dickens very specifically was

talking about

this drink was made very simply by

mixing equal parts or close to equal


ginger beer and ale now in germany

they have another drink that caught on

quite a few years after dickens day

called rattler

which i am reading i’m supposed to

pronounce radla

but that can’t be right can it it’s the

same idea except that it’s a lager

instead of an ale and it’s made with

lemonade uh and that lemonade by the way

here is the carbonated style that causes

so much confusion between the uk

and the us apparently that confusion

extends to germany shandy goes back

far enough that it’s sort of impossible

to pin down an exact origin point but

radla was supposedly invented in i think

1911 by a bartender who had a popular

spot with bicyclists

radla means bicyclist and he wanted to

sell the same amount of beer to twice as

many people so he mixed it with lemon

soda and maybe that’s true

i don’t really know i wasn’t there

anyway one thing i do want to clarify

here is that in the u.s

and maybe elsewhere as well there’s a

brand called linen coogles that sells a

bottled summer shandy

which is a lager and lemonade combo and

i mean maybe technically that’s a rad

live but we’re splitting hairs here

uh really the main thing i want to

convey is that they didn’t invent that

which is fine and they don’t

like own the concept of a shandy or a


it’s a fine product i like it i’ve had

some last summer i’m probably have some

summer too

but you can make your own and maybe

you’ll like what you come up with on

your own

even better maybe not who knows anyway

i’m gonna make both of these right now

a shandy gaff and a rattler i’ve got an

ale for the shandy uh and a ginger beer

and a lager

for the for the rattler i’m going to use

the harp lager for the rattler

and i’m going to use smithwick’s red ale

for the shandygaff

smithich’s red ale and old ginger old

jamaica ginger beer

and um i don’t know what they use for

like i don’t know what brands of lemon

soda are popular

in the uk i’m told that they’re quite

the same as like

a sprite or very similar to that my

personal favorite lemon soda

is actually angostura um lemon lime and


stuff is awesome i don’t know i mean i

know it’s available online i’ll put a

link to it below

i don’t i’ve never seen it in the stores

around here i wish angus or would get

some shelf space with this because i

think it’s a fantastic product

and it’s definitely in the spirit of the


stuff to use here right so let’s make

this easy stuff right we’re just need

two mugs boom

i’ll make my rattler on the right my

shiny gaff on the left all i’m gonna do

is pop open my brush

so go to about the halfway points on

both of these and i will be

sneaking them as much as i can just

because i kind of want to preserve my


okay and ginger beer here and

my radla gets the harp

and my shandy gaff gets this red ale

smithix should we go what order should

we go in i want to do old to new so

we’ll start with our shandy gaffe here

we are

smidx red ale with old jamaica ginger

beer what a delightful combo

it’s so surprising it is fizzy

it is lightly sweet because we’ve cut

that now the ginger beer has been cut

with beer

it’s a real it’s a nice treat you know

it’s somewhere between a soft drink and

a nail the abv has been reduced but i

mean if you’re mixing beer with things

you’re going to reduce abv

let me chase the alien zone it

transforms the beer

it really does it totally transforms it

like this red ale

uh this medics can be to me a little

heavy a little loaf of bread like but

with the ginger beer it really lightens

it up elevates it

makes it just an absolute effervescent

bit of bubbly let’s try my rattle my


between the two actually this one might

be my prefer i find that to be really


the combination of the lemon lime and


with the the harp lager is just


they just they just mate together really

well um really

mellowed it’s like a mellowed out lemon

lime it is like a

popped up uh punchy citrusy beer

it is it’s fun

i love it i love there’s an interplay in

both of these between

their non-alcoholic component and their


lager where you get like a dance between


the i’m not good at beer tasting notes

but the loggery notes

the ale notes the the yeast you know

these are neither of these are really


and i will say that i don’t think that

either i’m not a big hops head

guy anyway but i don’t think either of

these drinks would be

benefited by having like a real hoppy

american style ipa

or craft ale i think you kind of want to

think about when these were made popular


  History of alcohol

go with something a little lower hops a

little bit more traditional

they’re not the most evolved most

complex drinks but

they were covering the basics of beer

cocktails here they are

all right so next up let’s look at a

drink called black velvet

black velvet which brings a little stout

into the mix

this drink we know exactly when it was

invented it was invented in 1861 at

brooks club

on the occasion of the death of prince

albert that was queen victoria’s boy toy

mourners wore black armbands fancy

fellas who were members

of clubs in london while they drank

champagne the stout

in the champagne was meant to be an

armband on the drink which seems like

overkill but

it sold beer so it’s very straight up

it’s just an half and half beer and


um and if you’re very good at this uh

i’d be able to get it to layer i have

yet to succeed at layering these

we’re going to try i got my stout i got

my champagne i keep going back and forth

i think that you want to go champagne


and am i using good champagne no but i

didn’t really like prince albert so who


snake this down the side of my glass


now it seems like i’m being very

wasteful but if i was running brooks

club of course i wouldn’t be getting my

i wouldn’t be getting my uh beer from a

can and

my my champagne would certainly be

getting drank

in by the bushel a lot of head there

but there is some layering there is a

layering going on

but you know it did radiate straight

down into it so

here we have um a black velvet

see how it is it’s not my favorite drink

it’s got not a lot going on it just

tastes like

champagne and some beer maybe most of my


i need to get some more beer in there i

don’t know you get a little bit of a


aftertaste on it um try that again

yeah so this is not my favorite drink to

be perfectly honest

i think the champagne is really dominant

i don’t really get a ton off the


maybe my ratios are a bit off but

honestly guinness is not a very loud


when you compare it to a champagne which

is crisp and tart

it’s going to end up getting a little

pushed around we maybe a different stop

maybe a heavier stout an oatmeal stout

you know something like that would be

better here

also i don’t know would guinness have

been served at brooks club

might not be might not be i don’t know

it’s an irish thing

nonetheless i don’t think it’s a great

drink i just don’t um i think it’s a

drink that was invented

to take advantage of a moment in pop

cultural history like so many of my


but i don’t think that i think they work

that hard on it he just put two things


and frankly i think he was kind of

phoning it in to sell some beer it’s not

great but if you start looking into beer


this will show up on every list and i

felt like i kind of

owed it a slot in this episode are you

really gonna

throw some you’re not are you really


throw you’re no one’s gonna make this

drink no one’s gonna take the champagne

and throw guinness on it but it’s in all

these lists

like people are nobody’s doing this

nobody wants this i’ve done it for you

you can skip this one

if you want to mix your guinness with

something do a you know do a half and a


matter of fact why don’t we just do that

um yeah just pour that right out screw


uh throw the smidx in here i have heard

this called

half and half where you take an ale and

a stout

and pour them together and they should

layer up nicely yeah my half and half

is totally intermingled which is fine

but honestly this is much preferable

to the champagne and guinness you know

take the guinness and layer it with a

nice ale or something like that do a

better job than i did

for god’s sake you know um there’s a

little bit of light yeah there’s a


ombre going on here yeah that’s great

uh i don’t know all that in the states

we have a bad

tendency to call this a black and tan we

probably shouldn’t do that

um the context there is largely lost on

americans is that so nice

don’t say it i would i just don’t think

you need to call that just call it i


although in fairness in an american bar

that term is so ubiquitous i think that

you have a hard time ordering it by any

other name than

um a black intent so when i decided to

do this episode i said well

i need to come up with a list of like

the common beer cocktails that people

want to know about

so i did a bit of research because i

don’t know that stuff was on my head and

from that and just kind of my own

knowledge i figured i’d have to include

a beer margarita or a beer gorilla

whatever you want to call it which i

guess is an intriguing idea okay

sometimes they get served with these

little mini bottles that just get

dropped into a margarita glass and that

looks pretty cool but i mean if you look

into the recipes for a beer margarita

that’s all they are it’s a margarita

with a beer dumped into it there’s no

transformation happening here no no


i took a margarita i put a beer in it i

called it a beer margarita

i think that’s kind of lame actually so

i’m not even remotely interested in

making that drink

i’m just taking it out of this episode

it’s gone but i did stumble into this

other drink that was created by jonathan

pogash at crown plaza in white plains

called a brooklyn tie which is sort of a

similar concept

you know it’s a known cocktail that has

somehow been fused with beer but i’ve

tried it and it’s

way better and more inventive than a

beer margarita and also it’s

actually tiki and i always love getting

some kind of tiki representation into

these multi-drink episodes

and having tried it knowing that it’s

awesome i’m ready to make

a brooklyn tie maybe we can make this

the drink of summer 2021 maybe maybe

maybe i don’t know anyway i need a


and into my shrinker i will add three

corners of an ounce of lime juice

there we go three quarters i almost went

to an ounce i forgot what i was doing

three quarters of an ounce of lime juice

i want three quarters of an ounce of

  How to Drink a Beer the Right way

water joe

um you guys know i’ve been lazy for a

while lately i’ve been using

commercially available

shows there’s nothing wrong with that

but my preferred commercially available

or show

is made by smallham foods also everybody

keeps telling me it’s pronounced orjah

which i just can’t wrap my head around i

just forget um so here’s my three

quarters of an ounce of oraja from

smallhand foods

smallham foods they make greater ja or

joe whatever you want to call it

and they’re going to be available in the

link below so check them out

a little affiliate link action there

it’s good for everybody it hurts nobody

helps the economy okay and now i want a

dash or two of angostura bitters

and i don’t know if you saw that but i

always pick these up and i shake them

because i don’t use them as often as in

a high volume bar but they do sediment

like ango in particular sediments so you

should always shake up some angostura

and you’re gonna use it because there’s

a few things that will precipitate out

of it

okay now i need an ounce of appleton

estate reserve

got the old label here

let’s get some ice into our shaker and

this might actually be a place to

crush your ice i don’t have my lewis bag

with me so

we’re just gonna crack it as much as we

can it’ll be fine

now i’m gonna shake that

normally jonathan pogash would call for

straining this into a pilsner glass

embarrassingly i don’t own a single

pilsner glass so i’m gonna go with this

tiki mug

and we’re just gonna strain that

straight on in um i’m gonna really do a


open pour strain here i honestly kind of

want to get as much of this ice in

there as possible except for maybe any

really big pieces

and now i need a brooklyn lager very

specific and actually hard to find this

time of year around me

top this up with a brooklyn lager a

little overflow there a little uh

killaway action going on

uh we’re gonna garnish this with a sprig

of mint and a lime wheel

boom put a straw in it and there you


a brooklyn tie and if this is good as

last time i had one

prepare to be surprised

it is awesome and it

tastes reminiscent of my diet it’s in

that space it has a lot of my thai stuff

going on

there’s an interplay here between the

lime and the orja

that is instantly recognizable as mai


it has a little less punch it’s not

quite as spirit forward i mean it’s a

lot less spirit forward because

it’s been lengthened with the ale the

brooklyn lager

um there’s a little there’s not a full

two ounces of rum there’s only the one

ounce of rum

it’s almost like if someone were to take

a mai tai

like it’s a mai tai inspired soft drink

it’s not soft

it’s plenty hard um but it won’t put you

quite into orbit as fast as a regular

mai tai will because i think the abv i

mean i wouldn’t be able to do the math

off the top of my head but it’s got to

be significantly lower

but it echoes of the flavor profile of a

mai tai it’s right there

just a bit different just a skew and you

do taste the lager

and it does collaborate

collaborate it does collaborate with

that lime or joe and of course that mint

in your nose which i think is vital in a

mai tai and it works here too

it works together to make this

lightened lengthened lower abv version

of a mai tai that i find to be

surprisingly good

i was really blown away by how good this

was it’s very it’s easy to drink

certainly not too sweet it’s not overly


it’s not like um you don’t need to be

like a brave traveler to to brave to to

put this one down

it’s just an easy to drink fun

beer cocktail that i thought was way

more cool

and way more inventive than a beer

margarita i think it’ll probably work

with other lagers but he specifically

built it to be a brooklyn tie

and to build it around brooklyn lager

but for your own purposes use whatever

you like

this is a hoppy amber lager i’ll give it

a quick sip yeah it’s mildly hoppy and i

think that the hops here

are not um they’re they’re helpful i

think that the hops actually work

in this drink where they won’t work in

the shandy gaffe or the rattler

that kind of tartness actually works

with the lime and the orga

it finds itself it just gets right in

step with what the mai tai has got going


i mean i’ve almost finished it it’s

delicious so people have been asking me

about beer cocktails for a while today i


a few i made we made a michelada we made

a shandy gaffe we made a radla

uh or shandy if you prefer we made a

brooklyn tie which was a real twist of a


we made even though we probably

shouldn’t have a black velvet but we had


you’ll find me on instagram at how to

drink i’m on uh

twitter at how to drink i have a patreon


how to drink where the parts of this

episode that i couldn’t use in the edit

will wind up

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well that all happens over there live at

greg from htd until then i will see you

next week

until then i’ll see you next week is

that how english works greg

it is not until then

be good out there now until then

uh listen if you liked this episode and

i really truly deeply from the bottom of

my heart really

deeply truly hope that you did you know

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a heck of a long time and there’s a lot

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