Four Beer Cocktails

okay so you only have beer at home and

you’re looking for something to do with

it so here for beer cocktails we can

start off with vitamin C brew this one’s

kind of fun ice hit that with some Gin

get some gin in the bottom of our glass

and then we hit it with a logo isn’t

Budweiser okay America’s finest even

though it’s not over an American company

into it some orange juice

all right stir that up when we garnish

with an orange slice beautiful delicious

tasty come behind that with the sriracha

log all you survived I put sriracha on

everything okay so it’s probably my

drink rivet with lime put on some coarse

salt drop some ice in let’s get down to

the mix okay so first things first we

start off with fresh squeezed lime juice

get that in there beautiful followed by

some sriracha sauce okay don’t go too

heavy all right sriracha is delicious

but don’t overdo it a little bit of

Worcester Chef sauce try to pronounce it

wash this here okay come behind with a

Mexican lager Mexican beer okay

Voi huong dan thiet ke profile bang powerpoint ban co the tu thiet ke ho so doanh nghiep don gian.

we think it was specifically we just use stir

stir stir put on a little lime slice and

you’re good to go next up the oppor all

missed okay I love are all of my

Boulevard es when they plan around

alcohol beautiful come behind with

  Why I Quit Drinking

fresh-squeezed lemon juice

mm-hmm follow that up with a Belgian we

barely using Hoegaarden they’re

delicious grab our little spoon stir

stir stir stir stir beautiful and then

we hit it with a lemon twist okay push

that aside next up the bloody beer okay

I like a Bloody Mary but slightly

different Rimet lime put some coarse

salt around that rim

also with some red pepper flakes okay

you see what’s going on here so we have

a nice little spicy rim dropping some

ice let’s get down to the mix we start

off with some tomato juice okay pop that

bad boy open get that in there – adres

really look beautiful I could say that

fresh squeezed lime juice get that in

there follow up with some Tabasco

get that up in there beautiful you can

use sriracha here too he didn’t wanna

use the Bosco more watch the share sauce

pronounce it

wash your ship Rena be learn how to

pronounce Liam and I we ended with a

Corona okay it’s another lotta stir stir

stir stir beautiful garnish with a

little lime and there you have it our

for beer cocktails I’m gonna go behind

play around with them but guys I mean

there’s really no favorite here because

these are all kind of different all

right it’s on a really distinctive taste

so play with all of them you know so you

got that bear in the fridge and you’re

like I know a trained bear make one of

these stay tipsy my friend


Tham khao logo du lich.

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