how pouring a beer the wrong way


we always want to drink beer out of a

glass because beer has a sound to it

just like a taste and beer is carbonated

and we need to release that carbonation

into a glass what beer foam can do in

your belly so when you go out you might

see a beer poured like this or the

server’s only go on the life is to not

let any of that co2 out of the beer a

couple things here one without that

color foam it’s not really a beer – I

decided I’m gonna order some nachos I

take that first bite and once it hits my

belly that happens so there’s about two

and a half bottles of co2 on this beer

that weren’t released in the class

that’s 100% what’s going on in my

stomach if the beers an app work


now you think wow every time I had beer

I get really bloated and that’s what’s

going on or you can get a beer and you

pour it down the side with vigor and

you’re breaking that co2 out and granted

people say that looks like a lot of foam

the foam always turns into beer and then

I take that same bite of food and I try

to have a swallow and it’s not agitating

my stomach because I have broken that

co2 out in the glass so that’s how

important it is to pour beer into a

glass in this foam and so we’re gonna

taste the sweetness of the malt and the

bitterness of the hops but really it’s

  Four Beer Cocktails

gonna protect the integrity of that

aroma that’s underneath the foam to

reach your soup



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