How to Drink a Beer the Right way

get everyone my name’s Aaron Harry chief

brewer at gage Roads Brewing Company

we’re just down here at the odd fellow

in Fremantle one of my favourite little

bars we’re going to take you through

some of the top tips for enjoying your

beer okay word we use a glass well you

wouldn’t drink wine out of a bottle you

might look like a vagrant so it’s the

same with the beer really what we want

to do is to make sure the beer opens up

and we can enjoy as much of that aroma

and the complexity and the malt

characters as possible you wouldn’t get

that out of the neck of a bottle you get

it out of a glass so there’s a couple of

specific reasons we use a glass firstly

eye candy then beer looks great if it’s

a lot of straw color or the darkest dark

brown and all the reds and oranges in

between it’s great to be able to see

that through a nice clear glass to shame

to a sinner but you know hidden behind a

brown bottle so the other reason we

really use a glass is for the aroma and

the flavor it really brings that out on

your palate you can taste a number of

things but most of it comes from what

you’re sensing through your nose okay so

what type of glass do we use well any

glass is better than no glass so we’re

going to take you through a copyright

now firstly over here we’ve got the

chilled type glass this is one of my

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favorite types of glass where we kind of

use this for the bigger style sort of

Belgian beers or stouts we’ve got an ale

stout poured into this one and really it

helps to capture the aroma with that

Titans top over the top there then we

come into the Pilsner style glass tall

slender nice for stacking in the pub so

it helps the glasses out and this one

here it’s it’s not about so much about

the aroma at the top and capturing that

aroma to that present presenting the


a week be a glass this is the tallest

glass in any in any bar and really the

wheat beers that we have a much higher

carbonation level and you end up with a

really nice dense [ __ ] that top of

the glass there is designed to hold that

head nice and thick and if you go to

Germany they’ll pour a bigger head than

anybody else this is the bowls club

glass this glass is the glass that my

dad drank out of his dad drank out of

and his dad’s dad probably drank out of

this one and robust holds the beer

nicely it presents well as well

this last glass is a newer style glass

out of the US it’s a specific glass for

an IPO and you can see it’s got the full

of body in the bottom then it comes up

more like a wine glass at the top and

that’s to hold that aroma and that that

beautiful head that you get on these big

IPAs so here’s a little tidbit for you

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how do you keep the glassware clean

firstly avoid detergent it’ll ruin the

beers head we’ll talk about a little bit

later secondly just use hot water and a

clean sponge you want to make sure you

don’t get any oil or grease or anything

like that inside the glass or it really

effective later be a presence later

okay so there’s an art to pouring a

perfect beer so firstly heads your

friend you want head on the beer one

finger two fingers it’s pretty good for

most beers three fingers for a wheat

beer we want lots of head on the week

they’re stopped off basically you put

the glass on a 45 neck of the bottle

touches the glass in and pour down the

side of the glass nice and steady

as you get closer to the top straighten

the glass up and start pouring the beer

in adjust the height of the bottle for

the type of head you want and see that

one there that’s the three finger head

that’s the way I like it okay so now

favorite bit drinking the beer there’s a

few steps we go through see swirl sniff

sip see so let’s have a look at the beer

the colour of it the hues is it hazy

have a look at the head look at the

cling on the glass hold it up to the

light then we want to swirl the beer you

can see that I’ve been swirling it that

allows the carbonation to come out and

allows a lot of those aromas to come out

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those hopper Roma’s the esters and the

malts that are in the beer we want to

encourage those to come out into the top

of the glass

once we’ve allowed those to break out

it’s time to sniff

you’re going to take in all those aromas

the hops the esters now the sip the mote

have all been waiting for

just take some time

allow it to explore the palette swirl it

around the mouth a little bit and just

enjoy it

so even though beer is made with

fermented grain technically it’s not a

food sadly we still have to eat

the thankfully beer matches really well

with food it’s a really hot topic right

now beer and food is a love story but

opposites don’t always attract my advice

is actually just to experiment a little

bit at home a sweet beer to level over

the sweep is a a rich beer that might go

with stews and pies subtle flavor Dale

loves fish and summer salads just

experiment okay so that’s a wrap

hopefully you learned something along

the way but if you turned out half way

through and got bored here’s the quick

and dirty version any glass is better

than no glass secondly heads your friend

pour a beer with a great head when

you’re pouring a beer and drinking a

beer remember the four S words see swirl

sniff and sip Cheers

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