How To Drink & NOT Get Drunk

welcome to Britt lab where we’re going

to be giving you advice based mainly on

science about how to pace yourself on a

big night out on a night out is the

first drink that tastes the best and

disappears the quickest and it’s the

first drink that’s the one you’ve got

away because with all its good

intentions and high ambitions it’s the

first drink that leads to the second

drink and the third and the fourth and

the fifth and before you know it you’re

doing magnificent one-arm press ops on

the bar or if you’re my identical twin

brother then you find yourself in the

grip of an uncontrollable urge to sing

country karaoke music and then dissolve

into sobbing you’re really Johnny a

second ago what an imbecile alcohol is

one of the strongest drugs that’s known

to man and I don’t mean that lightly

I literally mean of all the things I can

prescribe or that you can buy

over-the-counter or that you can acquire

in any way at all alcohol has one of the

most powerful effects on every part of

your body not surprisingly the speed at

which you drink affects how drunk you

get so what can you do to slow yourself

down avoid getting completely cabbage

well for once the answer might actually

be found at the bottom of the glass or

more precisely at the top of the glass

because researchers at the University of

Bristol found that people who drink from

glasses with straight sides

  How to Drink a Beer the Right way

drink up to 60% slower than people who

drink from glasses with curved sides why

don’t I ever get to do research like

that now this may sound unlikely but

actually the explanation simple it’s all

to do with your brain trying to judge

how much you’ve drunk it’s harder to

estimate how much is in the glass when

the glass is curved and so it makes it

harder to judge how quickly your


the researchers tried this out by

running an experiment in three pubs over

the course of two weekends pubs made

almost 25% less money on the weekends

when they served beer or cider from

straight glasses compared to the

weekends when they serve them from

curved glasses research has found that

if there are markings on the glass

indicating how much is in it

then you drink much much slower and

you’re likely to drink more when you’re

standing up rather than sitting down

you’re also likely to put yourself more

wine into a wide glass compared to a

narrow one less red wine than white wine

because the colour stands out more so

the next time you’re out on a school

night you could consider asking for a

straight sided glass or you could take a

lesson from our French friends across

the channel and limit your booze intake

by drinking half pints santé one a bit

quicker than that

in the unlikely event that you can

remember any of your own tips for

avoiding from an oblivion type them

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