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and then I said that was Ned’s wife oh hi didn’t see you there welcome to my home Oh bartender the usual please and what would that be only the most iconic drink across America which states all of them welcome to my blog when the try guys first started doing vlogs I literally said dang this is a stupid idea but I’ve warmed up to it normally you see things from like this on a cellphone but I prefer things film like this on a tripod so this phone someone check if that’s okay the other try guys are gonna be guest starring in this video as we go through all 50 states it somebody say alcohol yes wait so we’re gonna be drinking 50 drinks not all 50 drinks now four of the states have the strictest drinking laws and they will be giving us water because we like to drink responsibly during our last responsibly we have an amazing bartender say payback over here today you start us off with Alabama and you got it ready for this for you ready is that a spit bucket yes perfect just get a big yellow hammer

I kind of drink of the University of Alabama football oh I could drink 20 of these without even blinking this is baby juice this is you okay so next part well Bailey’s in Cologne you know is gonna be tasty uh-huh so they called the duck part because the parents the sounds you make after you drink it oh really I think we just did oh yeah it’s like Donald Duck white noise I make after I come up next Arizona tequila sunrise oh baby oh baby give me some Sun blocking an umbrella oh man are you a tequila girl wouldn’t want to take my pants off I feel like this is a monitoring a mom and vacation family I want to get like saucy today I will say the raspberry adds a nice touch did you do this yeah turn that into a gift Internet so this was a surprise mayor zona you know some Arizona see this is an educational video yeah it’s like the old saying if you’re drinking and learning you’re probably next I can’t drop the Arkansas Razorbacks house here you want bumble listen if I don’t have a date by the end of this Tay Tay’s cute and that’s not the alcohol tax is pretty quick our bartender why not that’s like literally what bartenders are for oh no I didn’t mean that kind of though what though look that tastes like the bottom of a coffee filter that’s like watered-down cold brew yes with amaretto Arkansas is where Bill Clinton’s from oh this tastes like AB so it’s only fitting that we bring in our first try guests did someone say red you know I took a trip to Napa with my wife drank a lot of Chardonnay they’re gonna give us a nice nice oaky cab did you know that california produces the most wine than any other state in the United States you get a kidney in effect I had a lot of sex in the UT I went backwards upon I just feel classy are already that really classes up the joint because he’s not like grossing me all right you ready mm-hmm Kelsey we heard Oakley on California Jesus Christ Colorado has the second most breweries out of any state in the nation this beer is delicious it’ll injury me most I mean grapefruit literally says to control the pot beer is kind of almost like its own beer yeah sometimes I’ll go out just for beer and consider it dinner that’s not healthy hmm well next can’t go wrong with wine once again then they say wait white wine when I went to Yale it was some of the best times of my life I’m not a big fan of sweeter one so meaning I’m not like really into the Northeast thing so to close this out tell us something yellows that we can like can yeah Bulldogs Bulldogs bad well well Eli yeah that’s the yes next Delaware beer

again oh that is mmm that is deep that is IPA that is I – yeah yeah what’s this an artichoke that’s a pop what pops you know Florida in the face there’s one thing I can tell about Florida it’s we like to get after it yeah we do how to deal from Miami mess we’re from dirty dirty gross like northern yeah yeah yeah I’m tempeh or shrimp but as we like to call it a lot of phone next ring yeah let’s Florida thumb yeah ass State Georgia Scarlett O’Hara Oh named after the iconic character for Gone with the Wind hmm why is this so bitter this is sour it’s almost like drinking a Sour Patch Kid I like it I’m gonna go ahead and take this back to Georgia next next Hawaii I gotta say the tropical drinks are dangerous because you always associated with the heat you want to drink more and it doesn’t taste like alcohol I want to dip in the Hawaiian beach you know I want to see my wallet did you go to Brooklyn almost me and Milano Barack Obama just said oh he’s being like yo rock about in this for y right yeah Wow that’s the whole thing Yugi oh I defend the back hi-de-ho wine here’s an amazing man according to a 2013 study the people of Idaho consumed wine more than any other state in the u.s. you know Idaho’s great hiking don’t care next did the Illinois or Illinois’s Illinois Jepsen’s malort but let’s bring in someone who’s lived in Chicago for a bit of his life the one the only it’s me tell us about Lord it is a very bitter it kind of tastes like the water at the end of a garbage can oh you can only get milord in Chicago Wow so this is gonna be huh oh it’s bad Oh Oh No why why why why what is that yo its hominy sounds like 9 on the cup sprig of every herb let me just put something in the back of your your mouth with a pencil face back with a sharpie people don’t take this drink is fantastic it’s Apple II no that’s good that’s good what do you feel about in the can huh you’ve been to Indianapolis it’s like a mile long and no one’s there there’s more in there Gary Indiana oh it’s a great emptiness it’s not that Chicagoans hate Indiana is this Indiana sucks in general it’s true all right Templeton rye whistle I liked smokier tasting whiskey’s but this is uh this is something I think my mom could drink I could give this to a baby you would use as a medicine for little kids when they’re coughing typically Templeton give it to your sick children with polio from the University of Kansas you can tell that this is some that sugar yes yeah if you’re dreaming you’re having sex tonight oh well mixed concoction for regrettable decisions and almost surefire recipe for disaster that’s like you’re by Harry uncomfortable mint julep oh I have to put you straight from the Derby oh my goodness this is a very state ace trying to I’m calling it right now joke might be trying to for the 120,000 of these are consumed at the Kentucky’s every year for being drunk oh my god can I say this is one of those drinks that you have where you just go bless her heart it’s a big hat drink it was invented in the 1830s by an apothecary that’s a guy who does magic is it not I think this isn’t my favorite so far it leaves a very fresh clean crisp aftertaste it’s not one of those drinks where you do it you’re like what doesn’t taste clean and crisp as an aftertaste dick mmm Maine where kill people live and Jewish kids go to summer camp allons is called the champagne of Maine this is chocolate milk I’m allergic to coffee I’m also severely lactose intolerant and allergic to dairy this is hardly a coffee both was just sick except I just want to say like for the kids watching you don’t have to drink good point case important I still drink a lot hey wait black-eyed Susan dude this is good it’s one of those wines that’s oh geez honey so you know Kentucky Derby’s like fancy hats hmm Preakness is like flip-flops and ass flip-flop and ass ya know yeah we don’t horses how did you connect that for I just said next Massachusetts Massachusetts my god is it – sort rusev how drunk are you that’s it Kelsey it’s the first of our strict alcohol law states we’re getting water date laws bed any drink specials including happy hour there are no happy hour Ryan Massachusetts I am NOT surprised it was a huge pain in the ass during college Marly

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your one friend with the fake ID as a friend oh nothing I’m think we should drink is underage but oh you do a run up and get out of here Michigan means why didn’t I think Mead was beer so Mead or honey wine maybe the first alcoholic drink seaman’s have ever tasted yeah that is so good it tastes like wine and whiskey but without the burn of whiskey sweet bubbly for a second many people from Michigan now that I’m thinking about it this is all begin to something outside we’re gonna get to the next eight minutes a bootleg oh but my ass that’s delicious it’s like a gin mojito Fred even in Minnesota wow really what’s there blonde people little Asians there yeah hi Asian Minnesotans Mississippi IPD IG is M Mississippi punch whoo that is so many flavors added a dank the southern club drink well you need one of these to be up but it’s the Hennessy that like tops it off smart you in the face Mississippi was the last state to end prohibition in 1966 Wow why were they so on the wrong side of history next Missouri’s Bud Light we are officially halfway through the nation how you feelin I feel great okay I love that it’s commemorated by Bud Light the most popular beer in the country not far by a limit I feel like because we’re halfway we should commemorate with a little bit of a chug you know [Applause] [Music] America next Montana’s the whiskey ditch what’d you call me you know what that’s dangerous that takes the sting right out of a whiskey what’s Montana known for beautiful scenery you you really need to get out more Kelsey you don’t know where any of the national parks are in the US you know where is Yellowstone where’s Yosemite next kool-aid caddie we have very hard time finding on a chronic cocktail for Nebraska but if there’s kool-aid yeah then people will like it yeah this is dope if Eugene can I put on my jacket no no your nipples look great sham campaign yeah you know what’s great about champagne everything Kelsey why are you gonna share pain at your wedding I’m not getting married can I have champagne at your funeral next New Hampshire another wine stage oh yeah New Hampshire is the home of the highest percentage of alcohol drinkers across [Music] I’m going to New Hampshire max rejoices Laird’s Applejack well it was started by Robert Laird who served under George Washington in the Revolutionary War this is a colonial drink New Jersey’s just got him like you know like extended New York it’s like you know it’s we don’t have room for everything so we kind of dump some of the in there how is it okay okay wow that’s really good almost like a fire bomb without the cinnamon spice I will say New Jersey smells like farts when you enter in my Oh like to kill a bit larger whoa Arizona’s for like young party people but New Mexico’s for like old party people yeah ready to settle down but also get wasted is it Breaking Bad in New Mexico or is that Arizona they’re the same state I thought no I think the same state it’s breaking good hope next New York City I met in New York finally the Manhattan a drink much like the city itself classy refined a little overpriced considering how much real estate you get yeah like I just look like a classic hold on then okay like don’t I just look hotter no I will say the first time I ever saw a man in New York City

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or where was the second time my apartment cherry bounce it seems like watermelon no but the cherries flavor is very strong the state didn’t esily come up with a drink but it was quickly taken as its own because many believe this showcasing it North Carolina’s brightness we’re just gonna pretend like give you the price top for the videos with me here the facts denial it’s my favorite stage mmm North Dakota beer North Dakota has the highest beer consumption out of any state in the country that would explain why people are so fat they’re just not that is not right Ohio the Buckeye martini hey what’s a Buckeye I don’t know what the guy is I think it’s an utter words piece of chocolate pick this up chestnut Oh nut tree nobody knocks harder than Kelsey yeah they know next the second strict alcohol stay Oh the state did not repeal prohibition until 1959 and restaurants were not able to serve mixed drinks until the 1980 what okay so I was born the eighties yeah what would I have drank then milk from your mother’s teats organ organ what did you say Oregon organ what the did you say dear I look at good high alcohol content you are you too you know this is one of those beers that you can’t chug you just have to sip on it lately and act like a girl uh-huh this is a beer what else is about all you who cares next no organized like the hipster culture like Portland you know my underclothes maybe you should kiss it to make it feel better big kiss you’re under rocks my god it’s the third strict alcohol the states when it comes to access to alcohol because of its Quaker roots I guess like if we had to choose a beer jingling would be the Pennsylvania beer right okay fun fact Eugenia never heard of yang Ling and looked up how to pronounce it cuz he thought it was an Asian beer a what it looks like it should be Asian next Rhode Island the Rhode Island Red this is named after a bright red chicken that is good another one that tastes like wow you know what I would have more to say but Rhode Island is the smallest state in America so sweet tea and birth alright there’s nothing wrong with sweet tea or bourbon wow this is the back porch drink yes I want to be sippin on this while sitting in a rocking chair talking to my grandchildren now sweetie you never have many early canola meal South Carolina

where I’m just like gone yeah okay CUDA beer hey go South Dakota get your shine on girl the point is is the more north you go the more colder you are the more you have to drink to do stuff this now turns the South baby where’s the Jack Daniels drop off the bottle or two of these you’re not tasting the whiskey at all also Lynchburg a dry County what the gift shop for Jack Daniels is in the other County are you so the hearings I don’t know we’re not I’m not swinging the purse whiskey they own this they need to use it nice drinks all right you broke the quick Borisov favorite liquor 15 states including Tennessee I found Esther no no no you can trade out of all it’s not yours Haven frozen margarita we’re always surprised when they find out I’m from Texas I don’t know why I’m gonna say crisis Russ you’re wrestling I’m Texan is fun wow that is good markers of the most popular cocktail ordered in the United States why yuria I like to kill it but like I said they make my panties come on Texas really know how to be classy about really like don’t need a scream about house here they are we just are naturally superior in so many ways do you know what rhymes with Tex B fourth and final but if you freely water in restaurants bartenders must mix mix drinks out of sight must be ordered with food or at least and appetizers you can’t go to a bar and be like I’m an on day I want to drink and grocery and convenience stores may only sell beer with a 3.2 percent alcohol by weight tax the same goes for beer on what stuff Hawaii tales of kegs are prohibited in Utah cocktail I can’t tell rock tales are restricted to hold only one point five ounces of primary liquor goodbye they also the digital quarters where it stopped it at a certain port it wouldn’t go furthest you can never have a hit before he left so high I’m not making out with you are you sure your mom why oh yeah again yeah are you okay yeah putting next so let’s move on to the next like that are you guys okay I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make this video I don’t know if you guys are mad oh my god are you getting emoji in the video it’s late and the sun’s going down Virginia Virginia oh Buchan shine oh that tastes like you ready I’m gonna take a little taste no ok Virginia why is it so late it’s rather y’all got rushing the hard cider the current cider broom is largely centralized in fishing today is that one at Washington Apple is Washington Apple literally that’s what it is in 16th century colonial America

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well you know what I agree I always want to apologize to all the W starting stage now is really far let me art cider is like pretty easy drink it’s a nice like like seven of these no not drink also I’m American you’re American we love each other you know each other I feel like great about being mean we might have different politics but we all looking like that all wet virgin moonshine in your head what Oh God again the Appalachian three times bad Appalachian Appalachian epilation yeah oh well you drink the whole thing Kelsey got there are you you are you drunk yes West Virginia Ellen five six seven eight guys I got it I got it that is a really strong moonshine we’d say it’s a with me the Bloody Mary one of my favorite drinks can I take something out Wisconsin this is you’d think tomato soup early in the morning isn’t good but this is exactly what you want my titties falling out it’s Fame – it’s not something live as they do that’s where they pull it wider on there as a non-white person you know why I understand all of that it’s all important but my thing is why why people always making so many casseroles save the state last date well Leslie it’s the last thing we’re gonna be sad so why can I just say we’re ending on a note truly speaking to my soul yeah any that ever went to college I’ve had Franzia can I cook can I admit something right now I’ve never had fancy oh my god I am nervous wait we gotta we gotta play my favorite game it’s what is that this looks like a placenta the same okay this how this game works if you slap it and it spins around and then however many times it’s been drowned you have to chug for America I think for Wyoming you gotta slap it it network so up now use open it and drink it it’s like a spout go Wyoming are we all rolling yeah what it what a journey we’ve had thank you so much to America for enjoying your Novation so until next time say the Troy guys that try guys alumni say holy try next [Music] this was a blog I did it Zack Ned was it ok who is it good I don’t think it was good well I’ve never liked that

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