What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Beer Everyday

feel guilty about drinking a beer or two

don’t feel guilty

contrary to what you might expect

moderate beer consumption is actually

good for you

science has shown that beer can bring

many surprising health benefits even

though it’s usually perceived as

unhealthy however remember the key to

good health is moderation like a pint a

day binge drinking on a Friday night

will do way more damage and it would be

unwise to justify poor habits with false

science so here are some remarkable and

surprising beer benefits that might

change your perception of the drink one

it can help prevent kidney stones a

study conducted in Finland established

that moderate daily consumption of beer

can reduce the risk of developing kidney

stones by 40% this health benefit is

attributed to beers high water content

about 93 percent that helps flush

harmful toxins out of the body and keep

the kidneys working properly

also compounds and hops used in brewing

helped to slow the release of calcium

from bones which in turn prevents

build-up of lost calcium in the kidneys

in the form of stones – it can help

reduce risk of heart disease one eye

opening study conducted Italy’s

fondazione dairy sera akira found that

people who drank a pint of beer daily

had a 31% reduced chance of heart


this heart protecting power of beers

stems largely from beers natural

antioxidants called phenols however the

study also showed risk of heart disease

increased in people who consumed higher

amounts of beer 3 it can help minimize

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risk of cancer beer contains an

important antioxidant known as FO huemul

xantho huemul is known to have powerful

anti-cancer properties that help fend

off cancer-causing enzymes in the body

specifically moderate beer consumption

helps prevent a certain chemical

reaction that can lead to prostate

cancer in men beer has also been shown

to reduce the chances of getting breast

cancer in women 4 it can help reduce


levels if you’d like an unorthodox

method for cutting your cholesterol

levels indulging in moderate beer

consumption may be the way to go

the barley used in brewing of beer

contains a type of soluble fiber known

as beta glucans that has been shown to

help in lowering cholesterol levels 5

reduce risk of stroke study discussed on

WebMD found occasional beer drinkers had

a 12% decrease in risk of ischemic

stroke compared to non drinkers on the

flip side heavy drinkers had a 33

percent increased risk of ischemic

stroke 6 lower blood pressure if you

have a choice between beer wine or a

cocktail choose beer Men’s Health says a

Harvard study found beer drinkers are

less likely to develop high blood

pressure than our wine and liquor

drinkers so now you have a reason to

drink a pint every day remember the key

to reaping these amazing health benefits

of beer is moderate consumption

overindulgence in beer and other

alcoholic drinks can be disastrous to

your health



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