BEER Culture in Germany 🍻

in this video we’re gonna talk about something different and that is beer culture in germany so stick around if you’re interested to know a little bit of fun facts and as well as um beer facts i guess hey i’m jen and i’m yvonne and we’re from where we help expat settle into life in germany more smoothly all right so first we have a disclaimer yes actually three points in our disclaimer number one is that obviously

we don’t promote excessive alcohol drinking or any brands unfortunately none of these brands have sponsored this video so we’re doing this really out of personal preference disclaimer number two is why are we doing this video well beer is a massive part of german culture and since we are all about yeah explaining german culture and bureaucratic things today um we focus on culture beer culture exactly and our last disclaimer is that this is our opinion yes by no way we are like beer connoisseurs or like beer tasters we’re no beer geeks this is really where just normal people in germany who enjoy an occasional beer and so we decided to share with you the fun things about beer and also like what you need to know because this might still be confusing as a foreigner you know they’re very different types so the good thing is that we have more than enough time to experiment right oh yes so let’s start with some uh like theory right so we start off our video by talking about the purity law can you talk about that a little bit the purity law or in german thus reinhardt’s kebab basically sets the rules for how beer has to be brewed in germany to be considered beer in fact all the beers we’re going to talk about today are purity law beers and in germany craft beers are also very popular however you’re not actually allowed to call the craft beer a beer that’s why they have names like pale ale and i don’t know what because they’re not german beers so today it’s all about purely lobbiers um uh the more german the better yeah so just to give a little bit of history right like the purity law was created in 1516 i believe so a very very long time ago in the bavaria region the reason why this purity law was created is to prevent from a poisonous thing to enter this beverage uh because apparently they would put random stuff in it and that would end up killing people like fungus and stuff like fungus and stuff right so the purity law says that you’re only allowed to create beer with four ingredients that’s barley hops yeast and water so as ivan mentioned all of the beers here are they’re all under the purity lock well right now

we only see the glasses but right the ones we’re going to talk about right so that leads to the next question like what is the official drinking age in germany oh that’s a good one so um the legal official drinking age in germany is 18 for any alcoholic beverage however if you lower the alco level for example in beer and wine or wine yeah yes you can officially drink it with the age of 16. however it gets however lower beer and wine can also be consumed legally at the age of 14 in the um uh how do you say that present in the presentation in the presence of your legal guardian or parents that is crazy do you remember when was the first beer like how old were you when you drank your first beer i don’t remember my age no that is i was young probably young yeah my first beer in guatemala i mean also in guatemala legal drinking age is 18 and my first beer was at when i was 18. always following the rules these latinos i’m kidding we definitely don’t but i need to scroll down here in my notes okay so um next one up okay so let’s talk a little bit where you can actually drink beer which pretty much i would say in germany the answer is pretty simple it’s everywhere no but culturally right culturally culturally where do you drink beer in germany other than in your home right um so obviously the number one answer is in the brewery

uh itself or in the breweries but i said which in german is called the brow house yeah okay yeah yeah you know so usually you know breweries have their own um restaurants or beer gardens that’s actually number two but we get to that um where you have the beer and and that’s why we also have the glasses here you only get beer served in a brewery in the appropriate glass for the beer as you can see there are very different sizes and shapes um that’s the part of the fun part that we’re going to get into later and that is a very much connected to the beer yeah and i would say in the in the beer houses be prepared because i i personally think that the that the waiters there they’re trained to be like rude they’re first of all they’re super efficient right like you will never have an empty beer at least yeah you will never have most likely right or you think that’s original you’re jumping you’re jumping sorry that’s a regional thing but anyway so the rudeness is a national thing so wherever you go to uh to a brewery like these guys are tough or girls right like they they they’re super rude and their answers super short they’re running back and forth and always very efficient i think i heard once just because they also make commission on the amount of beer that they give so they are very tack tactic could be i don’t know could be if you have worked in a brewery and you can explain why you’re so serious and sex exact let us know in the comments below that would be a super interesting answer okay so uh brewery the second one is the beer yeah like the beer gardens like i just mentioned um mainly of course in summer but there are also some winter gardens like that are covered or inside or indoors um so that is not just a summer thing um and in the beer garden kind of depends on the beer garden

it’s also glasses but a lot of bottles as well um and then number three and number three uh what do we have on our list number three oh yeah it’s the kiosk the famous kiosk and these kias are like small shops that are anywhere in any city i would say and you can actually buy cold beer from them usually it’s a little bit more expensive than in the supermarket but cheaper than a restaurant yeah and the benefit it is that is a cold beer and why are the kiosks or specifies as they’re called in the berlin area uh so important is because you can get your famous fire aban bia which is the beer that really celebrates the end of a work day and super cool is that uh usually you can get a beer with some friends go to a park enjoy the sunset here in dusseldorf for example a lot of people sit by the rhine and just drink a beer in the evening or two or three depends right if it’s a friday and there are lines at the kiosk yeah you sometimes really have to stand in line to to get that ice cold beer and a little tip here if there is a line don’t just grab the first one but see if it’s warm or cold because maybe has just been restocked and then take the one from the from the back because that’s usually the coldest that is true another advantage of the kiosk is that they are usually also open on sundays so you know yeah that is also a very fair point yeah those are the few actually shops that are open on sundays in germany important to get your cold beer kidding they also sell other stuff right but like in our context yeah okay so um how many breweries are in germany wow um i can’t give you the exact amount because i think that varies per year but it’s definitely over one thousand five hundred breweries that operate under the german reinhardt’s board so we also read and that’s what reinhardt’s board we also read that if you would drink a different beer that is under the purity law in germany every day you would be drinking beer for 15 years that’s how many types of beers and brands are in germany even with just four ingredients you know there because there are i know 200 types of hops and 40 types of barley all the other round yeah so there’s different types of different ingredients also water has uh apparently has also of course an effect on the on the taste and and the type of beer yeah but again we’re not we’re not beer professionals right so this okay so i would like to classify beers in germany in like two different buckets kind of i might be wrong this is how i process the information one is that national beer and like regional beer right so national beer obviously is a beer that you can buy all across germany that is popular you can go to a restaurant order this type of beer and

you will get it served kind of like the standard or yeah the standard yeah and then you have the regional beer which is the one that as the name says that it’s pretty much just regional so some regional beers have become national beers like we will talk like we can talk about yes like the white sin for example or the vice beer or the vice beer we also talk about that and some have remained very regional that you can only get it in the city where they’re brewed um and we will talk about that here later as well so i think that’s all about the theory right yeah so now i think it’s time to practice right and for that uh we will open a few beers for you and show you um we will unfortunately have to drink the beer afterwards so that’s gonna be so horrible such a pity so hold on as we go and get our ice cold beer from the fridge here are the beers okay so let’s start with the most popular beer in germany which is ah which is the pills yes so the pills is actually the most popular i would say national beer in germany this is by far the most popular the most drank available anywhere um i don’t know of the most brands but tons of brands um and yes and the most popular brand according to a statistics that we saw from yes according to statistica is krombach which we have here right here exactly and as for the pills each brand so in this case kombacha usually has their own type of glass so there is not one glass that that qualifies for a pills but it’s more like branded right whereas when we go down the line here you will learn that all the other beers have a glass per beer not per brand that’s interesting yeah yes yes so the pills is going to be the first beer that we are going to taste and yeah like i said this is the biggest brand there are also tons of regional brands for pills

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um so just because we qualified as a national beer doesn’t mean it doesn’t have regional brands but the beer type the pills is anywhere and everywhere yeah and it’s probably the best comparison for international beers is laga yeah that will be the gemini yeah exactly so how are you gonna open that yvonne yeah that is a very good question so um in previous videos i think it’s called the weird 10 weird things germans do which you can see up here uh we talked about the weird thing that germans open a beer with anything and everything but a regular beer bottle opener exactly and we had a good friend of ours demonstrate because i said i’m not german enough to be able to do it that got me a few comments and one of the comments said don’t worry about it you know you don’t you don’t have to be able to do it it’s nothing to do with german it’s because you’re a woman okay however that person saved himself by commenting you don’t need to be able to do it because women are usually more organized than men okay okay and you usually carry around beer bottle openers with you very good safe because that is actually very true if i grab my key here that is my key and as you can see it’s not just a beer bottle opener it’s actually like a multi-tool and guess what this is from the tiff grinder so that means it’s tooth approved as well it’s not different proof it’s done by the tooth oh but it has to be too so it’s not just a beer opener it’s like a screwdriver it’s like everything okay just uh to that house to that common i said challenge accepted so today i will um demonstrate that i am actually capable of doing this oh let’s hope it doesn’t fail so let’s so let’s try let’s try and do this okay okay go for it i believe in you you can do this [Applause] i feel like now you deserve your german password i deserve my german password yes so this is just any random beer that we have here in our cupboard it’s a glass yeah oh my god i haven’t even drank one sip um like i said for pills the glass doesn’t really matter and mostly we would drink it from the bottle yeah but for today’s demonstration we um you know the german beer pouring also very important we pour it in the glass that’s very true suck as germans would say and that’s how it would look like how beautiful yeah beautiful so this would be the pizza lager nothing special about it give it a try okay cheers oh it’s cold it’s nice i want some too which leads me to germans obviously love to drink the beer cold like who doesn’t right but i remember i wasn’t i think like every story in in in this channel is like i was in a party but really i was in a party party means also like at other people’s houses right yeah like a club or anything yeah that’s okay that’s a fair point yeah that’s what i mean okay i was in a house party it was actually for the shoot shoots shooting fest um and uh this friend of ours she would go walk around in her garden like actually feeling the glasses of everyone and whoever had like a warm no it wasn’t glass the bottles and whoever had like a warm bottle she would take the beer bottle away and give you a fresh cold one even if you hadn’t like finished your bottle that for me was like wow this is amazing warm beer it’s a no-go yeah so that’s an interesting thing so we moved to the second we moved to the second one and uh jen just gave a brief introduction earlier so the second one is we would still qualify it as a national beer although it of course has deep deep roots in bavaria and started as a regional beer why do we say national beer because a weiss beer huh yeah the vice beer is the bavarian name and the original name um started to become so popular all over germany that it yeah you can still get it most mostly even in restaurants all over germany yeah um however outside of bavaria we would call it waizen or whites which is super don’t say that in bavaria though which the story to that i was in a restaurant with some friends and an italian friend actually uh asked like i told you we were in a brewery i think we’re in a brewery and these super friendly uh waiters my friend asked for a vitamin and the guy’s face was just like i don’t understand what you want and bites him nine vice people minds two of us and then it’s like yeah okay vice people and they say is it the same i’m like i don’t know we’ll find out and it turns out it was the same but wrong name um so erina is a very popular brand i don’t know if it’s the most popular brand of vice pre because uh if i’m being honest this is actually the only beer out of all of these that i don’t really like yeah i also don’t drink it that much it’s um it’s it’s it’s different it’s brewed differently we’re not gonna go into details because we not be a connoisseur but it’s fruit differently it obviously has a different glass because also i’m going to pour it differently it’s just a different type it’s very heavy for my taste and very sweet for my taste um but a lot of people in germany love it furnace as well of course yeah so here’s the second try let’s see does it work i i actually i’m not going to try because i cannot oh this is this is good this is good wow i’m very impressed so i have a friend who would only actually drink this kind of beer so this is probably the most important beer to pour correctly and this is how you can actually tell whether the person has some basic german beer knowledge or not um yeah let’s just do it you have to really have the angle right you have to tilt it be slowly and and generally speaking right because the this glass contains half a liter is this half a liter yes half a liter of this vice now i’m confused with the name vice pia right so that bottle should fit in that glass no problem and of course yeah there you go so now you have to give it a little rest as you see the foam is forming and the little last look that you have here the little rest you have to to um twirl it a little bit because in this beer the um whatever barley or hops is uh in the bottom what is the name in german um you’re the hop i’m not even sure but you need to like you know get it back into the beer and then pour it ah very perfect couldn’t have done it better and as you can see here show the glass maybe you can lift it it’s quite milky and you see how it already starts um yeah like i don’t even know the the little bubbly bubbles going up so you can try this one ah okay i’m here just trying beer which is awesome cheers let me actually try this so i have to confess that one in my my multiple confusions and being in germany um so yvonne likes to compete in triathlons and sports she likes to do a lot of sports and in this one triathlon i remember in the finisher area she came with a bottle like similar to this of beer a bottle not a glass though yeah and i’m like dude you just like burned so many calories why are you like getting wasted now isn’t that like so counterproductive like why are you drinking beer and she’s like no jen it is an alcohol-free beer and this uh bites beer or vice how do you even say it anymore this vice pia is like super good uh to recover after sports yes because it’s an esotonic beverage that alcohol free version right i call free of course yeah the aqua free version is very isotonic um and it rehydrates the body it’s um very very popular amongst athletes athletes and show us the aquafi battle i see it true we have it here off camera because you know so this would be the aquafi version it usually says alcohol yeah and this is for example my my brother-in-law he drinks this after every single run and every time that i see him pouring this into a glass i’m like dude why are you gonna drink a beer and takes me a second and i’m like i know it’s alcohol-free it’s a tonic got it check good and this actually this whole aqua free isotonic is not only with uh with the rice beer but also with tons of pills um can i and then before we jump into the next section we need to talk about what i think it’s i i personally don’t understand so there’s a purity level i need anything i need some beer for this there is purity law that protects from weird things coming into the beer however for some reason

i don’t know why germans decide to mix beer with different kinds of things so we have what is called a great other one first okay so we have what is called a weizen myth uh myth with uh grapefruit juice which is alcohol-free so back to the previous story the one that i was drinking after triathlon is actually like this type i wasn’t drinking the vice beers you know i just said i don’t like it i was drinking this type which is um a german beer mix drink like a mixed beer and this case with grapefruit taste also alcohol-free and also highly isotonic but it doesn’t just stop there look then they have what is called a radla this one has alcohol but it’s mixed with lemon juice but what did you learn what did i learn there was an accident no your one of your favorite songs ah that radla is kind alcohol says a very popular song in germany so now we’re jumping but jen is so upset that in germany we mix beer with um with sodas let’s just put it that way so radla is a beer mixed with lemonade um yeah that’s basically it and it i think as far as i know i’m sorry happened to uh be an accident because the the restaurant or the brewer ran out of beer and he still had guests coming and they were usually cycling to the it was like on a cycling route and he just started mixing it with like fanta or lemon juice or lemonade whatever it was and the people liked it and that’s how radla means in germany actually cycler that’s how it was born interesting story if i remember if i read that correctly yeah yeah so i’m a bit hypocritical because i judged a mixture of beers however i really enjoyed this grapefruit and vadla every once in a while um but i prefer the radba without alcohol i was going to say there are also free versions of this and those usually say three versions for alcohol free versions and those usually say 0.0 um and why do they exist wait first let me continue with my rant because the last one that i have which i don’t understand at all it’s this thing called a mixery and this is beer with like coke yes why so make sure it’s the brand can you just open this because i’ve never drank this yeah hold on hold on so mixer is the brand um what jenna’s referring to is beer mix with coke and yes it’s very popular in germany however i would say the more modern beer mixes have taken over the the the coke one the likelihood or the the popularity popularity thank you of of coke however when i grew up when i was a teenager um we would mix uh regular beer like lager or coast which we’re gonna talk about later um with coke and why would we do that if you were driving you would reduce the amount of alcohol but isn’t it the same just to drink one beer followed by a coke you’re still drinking the same amount the coke is too sweet by itself well then just drink water and here comes the next thing and yes it’s a little bit sexist i’m sorry but some girls didn’t like beer and they just put coke on it to make it sweeter so they liked it well then drink wine i’m sorry what if there was no wine because it was a shitzon fest yeah okay i see the arguments i see maybe the reason for i just still don’t understand so you want to try this today yeah i want to try it because i’ve never tried it really because i’ve been to like a professional now wait i have a glass for that especially so this one really there’s no glass you’re not going to pour this one for me no that’s nothing special oh wow okay so it’s dark as we can see i’m not even going to pour the coke it’s dark yeah that makes sense i don’t even know if i want to try this do i try this first no you go ahead okay cheers so actually it just tastes like coke no like lilac coconuts like lighter coke it’s yummy it really is yummy yeah i wouldn’t like i wouldn’t drink that at a party maybe in emergencies but you know let’s just put this aside for now so all right let’s continue let’s continue our rant of alcohol but it’s also important for you to know like these beer mixes because they’re very very popular in germany and especially in the kiosks they are also if like if you know a friend says ah get me a radla or get me a grapefruit mix or a backscreen lemon also quite famous yeah you gotta kind of gotta know what that is right yeah true fair point so we finished now here with our kind of national kind of national general yeah exactly and now we jump a little bit into regional and we do that in levels right let’s start with one of the most popular original one popular because this one here is called the helles yes right and actually this is the beer that they pour in the famous oktoberfest yes and can you open this but they’re super professional the type of beer again this is a brand yes the title um yes but the type of fierce is the oktoberfest beer and to be honest while i’m opening this here this is basically similar or similar as gem would say since in german you know the current air quotes are like this in writing not in air um it’s a pills but bavarian style ah okay you are on fire you are so good today yeah very good last time i just didn’t there and this was the october glass beer glass wow i have not drank more than you have seen me here so this is the oktoberfest beer glass however this is point five and in the oktoberfest it’s one liter and that is called an mass a mass yeah with a mass which oh my god bavarian people please correct me which means like if you so think about it can you pour it as we get talking thank you so if you have a liter of beer right and it’s cold beer when it’s delivered to you like how fast you have to drink it to actually for that beer to remain cold like i couldn’t do it i did it out of necessity obviously i was just gonna say but remember how when we were there that you would rarely actually finish the leader and then get a new one but you would already get a new one and then just report like to keep the one that is old and warm to mix it with a cold one yeah that’s true so this is the famous helles which looks hell cheers cheers hey i’ll have my pills hey hey oh cheers cool so this again is very bavarian um however for example here in dusseldorf we can buy it yes we can buy it also obviously in bavaria um i wonder if you can buy it i’m pretty sure anything could uh you can buy it here however drink the only reason why we did buy it lately actually not just for this video but also just for us to enjoy it is um because we visited my sister enjoyed it and she lives in bahrain yeah so this is i would say uh you can get it outside of bavaria but it is not the typical beer you would get yeah you would buy and um there was one thing that i wanted to say what did i want to say i don’t know um forgot you forgot yeah okay cool so let’s continue with the original ah i wanted to say yes so uh because you’re emphasizing the sizes of the beer so much ah yes so the one liter beer in the oktoberfest is mainly just at the oktoberfest yeah you don’t typically buy a one liter beer but you buy a half a liter beer yes i was gonna say so then the most common beer bottles to buy is the half liter one the 0.5 and the um 0.33 milliliters um a 0.33 liters or yeah whatever you get it um so these are like the the two types of bottles that you usually buy and more often enough you also get the pills in point five we just prefer the three because then you can have um more cold beer which now leads to the regional fun stuff so we unfortunately will not start with the best beer in the room that is not true we will start with the second best beer that is not true which is uh the famous kush which is the best beer so if you if you really see this rivalry okay so if you’re not from this region from the highland right it’s probably new to you that what are they fighting about so you can maybe i don’t know but back in the day historically speaking dusseldorf and cologne just like don’t get along which i think it’s not really i think it’s nowadays it’s like may i okay yes go ahead okay so i’m originally from bonn anyone from bonn you know you’ve heard that in other videos haha uh and bonn is south of cologne so bonus very has close ties with cologne so i grew up drinking the best beer cult the second best beer okay the best beer coach so that is like my go-to let’s just kind of see my go-to beer yeah um and this is your favorite brand too right and it’s my favorite brand too yes no brand sponsorship no promoting anything but this is my favorite beer yes um the beer that my family i grew up with right i mean you grew up you like what you grew up with yeah most often and there is this rivalry like you said between dusseldorf and cologne and that goes back in history because of like a um oh my god like a like a fight in the pre-war back in the day in the town between the two towns okay okay so the rivalry base based on that date i don’t want to go into it but that’s like it’s very long okay and ever since then there’s been a huge rivalry between the two cities in carnival uh in other words sports and other aspects bands i mean like music bands right yeah so tons of rivalry uh language anything um but also especially in beer yeah so this is why this video is also the cultural part because we already walked you through some culture here but now comes the deep dive culture of a region and i’m pretty sure i don’t know because we live here we don’t live in other parts that similar release must exist in other areas of germany and if you are part of such a rivalry please let us know in the comments because we also want to learn from you and so the coach is um by far the biggest beer in the region uh you can only get it in cologne and the area around it right and the iphone i don’t know what however not really outside of this area maybe in specialty brewery like like like beer brew shops or whatever but not not in restaurants or anything so if i would go like to berlin in a restaurant i couldn’t order a culture generally speaking right it would have to be like a kind of very special restaurant to have that i agree which going into that as you open this beer please with your new found method as a german um we were in san francisco once

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and we went to this box okay i think that i kind of broke this already ah it’s okay we have a backup plan no third it’s the charm hey my face probably was so you can pour it as well thank you so okay so anyway so as we were in san francisco and they said they had like cursed brewed beer and we we we bought one actually two one for each to try and see okay we were disappointed obviously because it wasn’t a real kush so it was super interesting that this type of beer was like a brew type in this craft beer um brew like place that we were at yeah and not just in san francisco i’ve previously been in japan and there we actually were in a brewery that was selling culture and al to beer from dusseldorf which we get into later second best um and yeah i mean they use the names because they’re famous but they don’t taste like anything in germany and uh funny enough every german beer that has the is brewed by the rhinoceros has it written somewhere on the bottle either somewhere on the label it says yeah that’s true so talk about the glass because this is exactly so this is actually also why it’s the best beer do you see this sexy slim little glass it’s very thin it’s very light and it just keeps the beer yummy because it’s small it’s smaller than the bottle uh so the smallest beer in culture or curse is usually 0.33 and the glass is usually 0.2 um and why is that because like we discussed earlier in the brewery you only get um beer from the character exactly from the barrel and this you empty in two sips two or three sips so the beer never gets warm and that’s the whole point right that you enjoy a cold beer yeah which also it’s the same don’t worry we’ll get to that too but please continue with it it’s sexy and slim so i’ll pour it you know so what’s super interesting is that in cologne when you go to a brewery and you order this type of beer the very friendly knot uh gentlemen will bring it and um look at this ah we’ll bring it in how do you even call it it’s like a little case that he carries the beer in we will put a picture here that it’s like a round cave where all these beers are stacked and they always bring you a fresh one so it doesn’t matter if you have half a beer or a little bit of beer the waiter will always realize and give you a new round unless you put the beer deca the coaster on top of the beer um to tell the waiter i don’t want any more beer thank you stop serving me so that i find super cool so you don’t have to order but it’s the same for it’s flowing yes so now can we talk to the best beer second best the best one okay so now we have alt which actually this is my i would say yeah one of my favorite um alt brands uh [ __ ] in just because they’re so funny in their uh ads and everything marketing yeah and this one is super awesome because look i don’t even need to use a lighter oh it popped so like uh the kush so we got the we got the big bottle because that has the popping one the small bottle the .33 would also have the you know people we wanted to give you a bit of variety yes exactly so this one um just like the kirsch this also has a very very efficient glass shorter not so sexy short and i would still say very efficient because it also keeps the beer cold and just like uh once you you you have this much the waiter will come and now look at the color here comes the big difference from all of the beers that we have shown you so far oh this is so nice you did a good job there oh and this is how you get the beer at the brewery and it reminds me of the good old days when we could go to a brewery and actually get some beer and this is where you see the difference between alt and kursch [Music] so nice so needless to say this one has a darker color which means it’s a heavier beer in itself and if you come from cologne obviously you’re gonna like fuss about the beer because it’s not specific but uh we’re very open-minded in dusseldorf and actually funny enough you can buy there’s multiple places in dusseldorf that you can buy kush but in cologne they’re i would say we found one in all of our years that actually sells out that is how open-minded and cool we are however the islet is a very special taste you need to really get used to it it took me when i moved here sometime and to go back to the rivalry um when when anyone from kelowna even from me from bonham not even from cologne you know but even from bonn when i moved to dusseldorf you know friends were like ah you’re moving abroad because dusseldorf is like ausland you know um so yes this is the virally in rivalry in the beers you can see the color you can see the shapes um remember them if you ever come to this region oh and plus uh let me add to that a story from the brewery and how they got served remember i told you this one got served in like a little case and this one actually the waiters just have them on um how do you call this tablet oh my god it’s probably serving a serving a serving trade a tray a tray a tray a normal like serving tray yeah and there he has also like all like tons of beer and the same procedure you get served the new beer as long as you have a little beer unless you put the beer decal or the coaster on top yeah did you say that they marked the numbers also on both cases which i don’t think i haven’t really experienced that in other places on the beer coaster because it’s made out of paper usually these waiters they come they always have a pencil yes and they whenever you order a beer on the uh that was on the coaster they mark a yeah and whenever you have to pay you provide this um coaster to them the decade i always want to say the closer to the waiter and then he counts how many uh lines you have and that’s how much you have to pay and that’s why it’s also so fast right because they don’t have to cash in between or whatever they just drop another beer put a line go to the next table yeah and if you order food they also usually write the price of the food on a coaster so basically the coaster becomes your receipt yeah pretty much very efficient yeah very very brewery style so now actually i would say we both agree that this is one of our both favorite yes so this uh when was it founded a couple years ago so here we go now into we we leave the tradition of german beer yeah like the like the very traditional ones exactly the very traditional ones like with super bacon like inheritance and pride and like history yeah and we trade new waters of modern beer that is still by the rhine high school board but modern german beer which again we are fans of first of all it’s yummy and second of all again they have great marketing and they’re just a cool team um and uh go ahead yeah so this is what is called cult so coast is actually a mixture of if you haven’t guessed already so everything that they do is really just to bring these two regions together in the sense of brewing right like even here i don’t know if you see here but even the the logo behind it is the map and the curt is in the middle of between dusseldorf and cologne the actually beer is uh brewed in the middle specifically which is what’s the name of the city again and ivan’s favorite feature which i’m gonna let you explain it yeah so uh like the black line here is the orion yeah because both cities are by the rhine the biggest river in germany by the way um and this is of course also the logo which basically it’s it’s so beautiful i just love it i mean we need to like kind of or i can take it and put it in here yeah show it to you because it’s like the the the uh hops the hops thank you like the the the outlay of a hops that ends in the cathedral of cologne like the iconic iconic symbol of cologne yeah and in the middle you have the rhine tower of dusseldorf the iconic uh symbol of dusseldorf and they just you know all comes together and it’s one happy family um this was out of creative a joke and out of the sincere um try to reunite the rhineland the the iran unit to like overcome this rivalry and just be all happy to live in the same region and be awesome together so that is basically like their um mission i would say and i think they’re doing a pretty good job and um yeah it also tastes good you want to show the color yes open it with your can you open it still yes i can still open it and if we just have a look at the glass obviously they also combine the thin and the bottom a bit bulkier on the top um to really incorporate both styles of beers unfortunately because this is a very very neat year wow good job um they don’t really have a brewery in dusseldorf or cologne yet hopefully in the next year something will open up so this beer really you can only buy it in the supermarkets um or in a famous trink hale which is just a massive store that they sell drinks in um no that would be um a um trinket is another word for kiosk actually ah a good tank or a twinkle and as you see it’s a mixture really of out and now place it in the middle oh wait first i want to sip okay yeah um and thank you because uh actually we actually stopped by their office to get us a special coat glass and lastly that was because the glass is not for sale so thank you code for the glass nice do you want to try it too sure oh so good if you’re ever in this region i mean it’s a tasting right beer i think it’s a very and here you have it isn’t that beautiful the triology of uh ice coat and the best beer kush so anyway so here you have the array of beers in germany we really hope that you uh have learned something yeah and had some fun i mean we had something we had some fun we’ve got some cleaning up here to do yes we have to actually finish the beer unfortunately but we’ll do this off camera but if you like this video make sure to hit that like button liking this video will help spread the word about simple germany and hopefully other foreigners or germans if you’re german will watch this video and have some fun as well um also hit that subscribe button and notification bell let’s check the hell is here yeah yeah that’s right i was gonna say let’s go here like for the big ones you know so in that sense we hope to see you next time cheers you

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