Stage of Day Drinking


ah god it’s a nice day out well should

we start drinking

you can’t drink all day if you don’t

start in the morning


yeah come on i’ll mix you something

bartender all day oh

oh just brushed my teeth but

it doesn’t matter because we’re day


all right let’s get this party started

where is that bluetooth speaker

we got to get that speaker going yeah


yeah now the boys are buzzing what

activity should we do first

cornhole beard arts beers bee

i like the way you’re thinking all three

we got all day



oh man i’m hungry it just hit me is

anyone else hungry

yeah i feel like i could eat a whole

buffet right now let’s order pizza

we got to get that delivery going hi yes

i’d like to place order for some pizzas

how many guys want

four i think 10 i like it


yeah i’ll do 12 large pizzas pronto

i tap out why do we order so much pizza

we do this every time

oh god everyone looks a little drowsy

what’s going on

i think we need to crank this jump

should we do some shots


we got to get ready to go out tonight

shots shots

shots shots shot shots okay who wants


what oh i need to pace myself i’m doing


i’m doing f i’ll make it tonight you

don’t worry about me

shots all right tonight’s gonna be epic


what time is it 10 where is everyone i

  BEER Culture in Germany 🍻

did it again

oh you betcha yeah yeah


ow that hurts oh

oh god ah


oh yeah oh yeah




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